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PUBLICADO EL CATÁLOGO "2021 IBBY SELECTION of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities"
Presenta los mejores libros del mundo en el tratamiento de la discapacidad. Ahí está mi IRIDIUM (Algar editorial)
Por Francisco Castro Publicado en A Canción do Náufrago (Blog) en Maio 12, 2021 0 Comentarios 1 min lectura
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Waking up from a 7-month coma after an automobile accident, Iris now finds herself with a traumatic brain injury and other medical issues, including memory loss and needing a wheelchair. Iris feels like the person she has always been, but her former friends do not know how to act around her. She finds comfort in a budding relationship with Mario, a new boy at school, and by connecting with the world through her Instagram account. Carefully curating an online persona gives Iris some control over how other people see her but still she rages, “I want to be normal; treat me as normal.” In 16 short chapters, this first-person narrative is scattered with emojis, social media posts, text messages and colloquial language. The contemporary style makes it an easy read for teens with a brain injury or learning disability but also intriguing to a wider teen audience, many of whom may know someone with a brain injury such as a concussion. The author worked with Asociación Alento de Dano Cerebral and Federación Galega de Daño Cerebral as well as a young woman with lived experience to create a realistic and enjoyable novel.

Aquí el catálogo completo.

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